My New Camera

I ordered a new camera and received it this past Friday. It's a canon 30D which is one of those digital SLR cameras (SLR = I can change lens). So far I've been very pleased with results. I got it so I could shoot better pictures under a wider variety of conditions than my current point and shoot camera. I certainly don't plan on getting rid of my point and shoot since it's small enough to go anywhere and this new camera is a monster. It's raining outside right now so I decided to update my blog instead of continuing my quest for those perfect pictures.

Here are some of my favorite pictures I took so far.

It's me and my camera, don't we make a cute couple!

Here is a picture of some campaigners in downtown Shrewsbury. There were probably 50 people hanging out there on various corners and I took pictures of them all. I was asked a few times if I was a reporter for the newspaper :)

Since you all know how much I love the outdoors I thought I needed to include at least one picture from the woods.


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