First Winter Storm

We just had our first winter storm. It was crazy early this year. It's before Halloween for goodness sakes! I think we broke all the early snow fall records in the area.

We got about 8 inches. That was on the low end for our area. Places around here got 8-24 inches. Even with our 8 inches we got a lot of tree damage and most places around us lost power. The problem was trees still had their leaves and this was very heavy sticky snow so it stuck on the leaves and brought the trees down.

Here are a few pictures from around our property. It would have been a much different wedding if it was just 2 weeks later :-)



Emily and I got married on Oct 15, 2011. The ceremony was outdoors and just missed some rain showers. By the middle of the ceremony I could see some blue sky! We had tons of fun at the reception and I've been told the reception was fun for others too. I'm putting some pictures up here.

Sorry there wasn't much more of an update here, but I'm keeping busy with a bunch of other things. Emily and I are going to make a photobook of the wedding and maybe I'll post a link to that if I can get a digital version of it uploaded somewhere. That's going to be months away.