Dolly Copp - Camping

Camping Coordinates N 44 20.183 W 071 12.987

Eric and I left Saturday afternoon to go camping and hiking up in the White Mountains. Since we left sort of late the first destination was a camp site. We chose the Dolly Copp campground. It's a nice campground. Nothing special about it, but nothing bad either. If you’re looking for a quick and easy place to camp out in the White Mountains, Dolly Copp will do you fine. We just showed up Saturday night and they had lots of sites still open so as long as you don’t show up on a holiday weekend I’m guessing they will have room for you. Personally I prefer back country camping since that gives you added privacy and softer tent platforms, but back country isn’t for everybody. Back country camping also usually takes more time and planning which are two things we didn’t have going for us on this trip. I'll bring you more about other things we did on this trip in future posts.


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