In a nutshell Geocaching is a scavenger hunt using a GPS and coordinates from the internet. If you want to learn more about this sport you should visit www.geocaching.com.The picture to the left is my friend Michell finding her first cache.

I've played a little bit of those online video games like World of Warcraft and Everquest and I understand why people can get addicted to them. They are designed to get a player hooked into a never ending cycle of making their characters more powerful so they can just make their characters more powerful in a way that simulates progress faster than you can progress in the real world. If that doesn't make any sense the normal sequence in this game is kill some monsters so you can buy better equipment so you can kill stronger monsters which drop more money so you can buy even better equipment so you can kill stronger monsters... It sounds dumb here, but that's the way it is and millions of people play these games. In my mind geocaching is vaguely similar. You go to this website get a coordinate and then perform the quest of finding this cache. Then you enter the find into the website and basically just keep doing this to make you number of finds higher for the sake of having a higher number of finds. The reason it's better than these online games is because you get exercise and learn about cool places while doing geo caching. A warning though is that just like some people get addicted and play too much of these online video games some people (ok, ok I was one of these people) get a little addicted to geocaching and spend every spare moment doing caches when they start. This obsession usually goes away pretty quick though (at least it did for me) and then it’s just a fun reasonable time sink.


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