Halifax Gorge - Swimming

Parking Coordinates N 42 44.856 W 072 44.985
Trail Head Coordinates N 42 44.661 W 072 44.243
Swimming Coordinates N 42 44.572 W 072 44.111

Aesthetic Appeal 9
Water Quality 8
Swimming Quality 9
Jumping Quality 8
Beach Quality 7
Overall Fun Factor 8

The parking for Halifax is along Highway 112, but there is no parking on this section of 112 near Halifax. So you will need to park a little ways away and walk to the trail head. The walk along the road is only a quarter of a mile or so. The parking I listed is where I parked and is north of the gorge, but I think parking to the south might be a slightly shorter walk. I only found the actual trail to the water on the way out. When I went in I just scrambled down a steep embankment and followed the river untill I found the swimming hole. Hopefully this will make it a little easier for you folks.

This place has some fairly high cliffs to jump off. I would estimate some of them are around 45 feet. There is also a rope swing, but the swing wasn’t in a very good spot. You couldn’t get much of a swing and the water was sort of shallow where you land. This swimming hole was at least three hundred feet long so there was plenty of swimming area.

Overall this was a great place and I highly recommend it. Have fun swimming.


At 5:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Checked out your blog before a weekend visit to Halifax Gorge. The place was amazing. And there is plenty of parking about a quarter mile south of the trailhead.

I only wish I'd brought my camera...

At 7:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Halifax Gorge is on private, posted property. Please respect the no trespassing signs. At least ask permission before going there.


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