Hang Gliding - Lesson 3

I took off work yesterday and went on my third hang gliding lesson. The winds were supposed to be perfect according to the weathermen, but the stupid weathermen were wrong. The winds were light and variable, and following Murphy’s Law variable usually mean the wrong direction. I spend most of the day practicing cross wind take offs and landings in light wind. To me it felt like I might have progressed backwards a little since the end of my second lesson, but my instructor pointed out it was likely because I was trying too hard on my takeoffs due to a lack of wind. This time really made me appreciate the near perfect conditions I had during my second lesson.

That said I still performed adequately to get my Hang 1 certification. Woot! I’m now a certified hang glider pilot. Admittedly I can’t do much with a Hang 1 certification, but at least it puts that Hang 2 with in view.

Onward and upward I go!


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