Hopkinton Reservoir - Kayaking

Parking Coordinates N 42 14.829 W 071 31.655

This was a nice spot for kayaking, but a little small if you’re looking to row around all day. It’s not small, but you can easily row around it in an hour or so. There is also a place that rents kayaks on this reservoir so the water might get kind of busy in the afternoon, but I had the water to myself early Sunday morning.

While I was rowing around I took a break on one of the small islands and sat down in about a foot of water near a school of 50 or so 3 to 6 inch fish. I started skimming my finger across the top of the water and they would follow it. It was pretty darn cool. Eventually they got totally comfortable with me and the whole school of fish circled me waiting for me to do the finger trick so they had something to chase. In fact they started to get a little too comfortable when they started nibbling on me. It didn’t hurt or anything, just sort of tickled. It was good times.


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