Indian Love Call - Swimming

Parking Coordinates N 42 56.832 W 072 38.341
Swimming Coordinates N 42 56.807 W 072 38.823

Aesthetic Appeal 8
Water Quality 9
Swimming Quality 8
Jumping Quality 9
Beach Quality 9
Overall Fun Factor 9

This is among the best swimming holes I’ve ever been to. I know I didn’t give it a 10, but I’m saving that either for one that’s a little better than this (may only exist in swimming hole heaven). There is a wonderful sand beach. The cliff you see in the picture is about 15 feet high and makes for some wonderful jumping. It’s also easy to get to various other heights jumping on the cliff. There is even a rope swing!

If you go past this swimming hole there are some more, but none seemed as nice as this one. Also worth noting is that after the first swimming hole clothing became optional.


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