I just got my new Dagger Catalyst a few days ago so I’m about as new to this sport as they come. I rented a kayak a few times before on the ocean, but that’s it. I’m happy with how it handles. I tested it out at Whitehall Reservoir (parking coordinates N 42 14.481 W 071 34.359). While I don’t have enough experience kayaking to give a rating on this site, but I did like it and will be going back. It’s a fairly large lake with a lot wildlife and islands to explore. It took me about 2 hours to paddle around going at about my fastest comfortable speed, but I don’t think I’m a very fast paddler yet. It was a good upper body workout. Lots of things I do work my legs, but not much besides going to the gym works my upper body so that was nice.

I think taking this kayak on some overnight camping trips is going to be sweet. It will be like hiking, but the overnight pack comes along for free. It seems that only good can come from this.

Peace all.


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