Rained Out at Walden Pond

Parking Coordinates N 42 26.442 W 071 20.080

This is the famous Walden Pond that Henry David Thoreau stayed at for two years. Now days it has a nice family swimming beach with a life guard. Parking is $5. I went there with my friend Eric and we were just going to do some relaxing swimming and hang out on the beach. Alas the weather didn’t cooperate. Just as we were parking we started hearing thunder. Then a ranger came along and made everyone get out of the water just as we got to the beach.

There is a trail around the pond so I took a quick hike around the pond while listening to the thunder in the background. About half way around a nice refreshing rain started coming down. After my hike, Eric and I watched a little of the lightning show and then went home early.

I have been to Walden’s Pond before on better days and it is a nice warm swimming spot as long as you don’t mind a crowd. If you want a little more privacy you can walk the path around the pond and pick a spot without any other people, but this still isn’t going to be very private. While you’re not going to find privacy there are a few things you will find. You will find a life guard if that’s important to you. Or perhaps it’s more important for you to find a lot of cute girls or handsome hunks at the beach and Walden Pond won’t disappoint here either.


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