I've been snowboarding for about 5 years and I love it. I'm not a great snowboarder, but I'm pretty good at getting down the mountain. I'm not so good at the ramps and such in the terrain parks, but maybe this next year will be the year I finally tame them. In addition to boarding locally, I usually take one trip out west each year with some friends. I've been to places like Jackson Hole, Lake Tahoe, and Salt Lake City. So far I've been great at picking places with the worst snow possible. On the trips to Lake Tahoe and Salt Lake City we had record high temperatures while I was there. In Jackson Hole it was freaking cold, but it a low snow year. Anyways I will probably be going Whistler this next winter and the now WILL be awesome.

Here are a few pictures from my last trip to Salt Lake City. I'm the guy in the blue and grey jacket.

Are you asking why I didn't use sunscreen? So did I. God knows I wish I had.


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