Let's get things rolling with what will be in this blog. I'm a fairly active person and I plan on letting people know what I'm doing on my weekends. Hopefully someone will find something here interesting and try it out to find it's a bucket load of fun. That's the real goal here; convincing people to try something new and having fun doing it. I might also throw in some editorials here and there depending on how conversional I'm feeling.

I freely admit that if I keep this blog going it's likely to change, but hopefully all these changes in direction will make this blog more entertaining (being an engineer I'd realistically settle for most of the changes being better so the overall is net positive effect). If you're reading this and have an idea on something I might like to try, send me an email or post a comment to this blog. If you happen to live nearby and are looking for someone to enjoy the outdoors with contact me about it.



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