Camping at Russell Pond

Camping Coordinates N 44 00.558 W 071 38.965

Carolyn and I went camping Sunday night at Russell Pond campground in the White Mountains. The campground was nearly deserted. I would guess there were only 3 or 4 spots taken out of the 87. It's an awesome campground when it is deserted at the end of the season like this, but it would still be good even if it was more crowded. It's got a large pond for swimming when it's warmer.

The night started out dry and Carolyn got a nice fire going. She's a much better fire starter than I am. After a nice long warm fire we turned in for what we expected to be a slightly chilly night. It turned out to be in the 50s and not chilly at all. Early in the morning it started to rain, but we were nice and dry in my tent. Overall it was buckets of fun. Don't stop going camping yet. Fall has some of the best camping days of the year! The bugs are gone and the nights aren't too cold yet. Get out and camp in the beautifully fall colors!


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