My Ambulance Ride

It was a beautiful sunny morning so I was biking to work like usual. I was coming down a hill with a huge pot hole in the road that I’ve avoided over a hundred times this year. Today I wasn’t paying enough attention and I hit this monster pot hole with my front tire. My tire instantly popped and I went flying over the handle bars of my bike. Luckily I was wearing a helmet because I landed on it. After bouncing on my head I rolled to my right and skidded to a stop. I never lost consciousness, but I was dazed. Some very helpful motorists stopped and called an ambulance for me. I was bleeding like a banshee from a nasty cut I got on my forehead, which was the worst of my road rash.

At the hospital I got a bunch of x-rays on my right shoulder and they said it had been separated, but there wasn’t much to do but wait for it to heal. They also super glued my forehead closed. I'm not sure how long it's going to take my shoulder to heal, but I might be out of action for at least a few weeks before it feels good again if it is anything like the last time I seperated my shoulder while snowboarding.

After that I spent a half day at work and then got a ride back to the police station to pick up my bike. My bike is a mess. I didn't take a really good look at it since my shoulder is bothering me, but neither wheel spins. I think/hope I've bent both rims, but I supose it's possible I trashed the frame. When I'm feeling a little better I'll take a better look at it and take it in to my bike shop.


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