Parents Visit

It was a good weekend, but there are no big outdoor activities to report here on my blog. So I've decided to just give a brief summary of this weekend. My parents came and visited so the activities I'm going to mention are all old people friendly (sorry mom). They live where I grew up in Wisconsin, which makes it a big trip out here.

On Saturday we went to Redbones. They have some freaking good BBQ. After this we went to the Central Boston Library. This place is more of a free museum than it is a library. We also wanted to go on the Boston Duck Tours, but the tickets were sold out for the day. I've heard the duck tours are pretty good, but it seems like you need to get tickets ahead of time if you want to take the tour.

On Sunday we went into Salem. You know the place where they hung the witches. I've been to Salem before, but there is much more to do here than I could do in my first visit so I did all new stuff today. First we went to the tall ship of Delaware. This ship was only visiting Salem for a day, but there is another ship that is usually docked there named the Friendship. Then we went to the Witch Dungeon. They put on a two person play which was well done, and then we walked through their basement which was a reconstruction of the dungeon used to hold some of the 150 people accused of being a witch during the witch hysteria in Salem. The dungeon itself was pretty lame being just a bunch of junky wax models in a dank basement. They kept it really dimly lit, which they claimed was to recreate the atmosphere, but I suspect it was to hide how lame the wax figures really were. After this we went on a trolley ride around Salem. Salem is certainly worth a visit if you live around here and haven't ever been there.


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