Six Flags New England

Parking Coordinates N 42 2.296 W 072 36.981

A few of my friends and I went to the Six Flags theme park in New England. I haven’t been to a big amusement park in a long time so I wasn’t sure how much fun I was going to have. I know I loved rollercoasters as a kid, but would they still be fun? After spending a day there the answer is a resounding YES! Roller coasters aren’t at all scary anymore for me, but they sure are fun. Personally I think the screaming as loud as I can makes the rollercoasters more fun so I exercised that option a lot throughout the day. In fact I screamed so much I was having a little trouble just talking by the end of the day.

As for a grade of the Six Flags in New England it wouldn’t rate all that high for a theme park. It isn’t laid out nearly as nice as I remember the Six Flags by Chicago being laid out, and Disney Land/World are in a separate class all together. By bad layout I mean there is no flow from one ride to the next, and I often would get stuck in a dead end and have to turn around. Six Flags in New England also had much less “theme” to their park which made waiting in lines less entertaining than if they had props setup to keep me entertained. Also the ride employees seemed to work in slow motion when strapping people into the rides. It almost seemed as if they were trying to keep the lines longer since the shorter the line the slower the employees seemed to work. Even with those negatives I still had a great time. The lines weren’t too long. I’d say the average wait time was about 25 minutes for the big rollercoasters which is less than I was expecting. What really surprised me was how many people were there. I had expected many more people, but for some reason the park wasn’t nearly full yesterday. I’m not sure if that’s normal or not, but it sure was nice.

And now a few more pictures...

This is a batman themed show that we watched. It involved some of the worst acting I've ever seen. If you skip this you won't be missing anything.

This was a fun ride, and was the only ride where the employees seemed to rush to get people strapped in. Not only that but the employee that strapped us turned it into a racing game. Whoever she was I give her the best employee award.

I could spend a whole day here on the water rides, but since I didn't have a swimming suit along I didn't spend much of my day in the water park. This is a picture of me on a kiddy slide. There was an employee guarding this pirate slide to prevent people who are over 48 inches tall from using it, but I sweet talked her into letting me try it out.

Here is me giving a test scream before the ride started moving. The kid to the left of me thought I was a little weird.

The teacups are Christy's favorite ride.


At 10:20 AM, Anonymous Eileen said...

Seems like you & Christy had fun. Did you go on Batman ride.


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