Emily’s Question

Before I get to answering the question about my last post, which Emily emailed me, let me introduce Emily since I know she’s been itching to make here first appearance on this blog.

I met Emily out in Glacier National Park last summer while I was taking a sabbatical from my normal job. She’s an awesome friend albeit a little more on the wild side than myself. Without a doubt I spent more time hiking and hanging out with Emily than anyone else I met in Glacier. The picture is of Emily standing on triple divide peek. There isn’t a trail to this peek, but the two of us managed to make it there. After summiting the peek, we decided to take a “short cut” down to Medicine Grizzle Lake and hike out from there. This short cut ended up taking about 4 times as long, but it was totally worth it. We ended up hiking down a waterfall, which isn’t very fast, but it sure is beautify. This was probably my favorite hike during my summer at Glacier, even though it involved the infamous patch of stinging nettle that sent us screaming to the nearest lake to wash off. That summer sure had some good days in it.

Anyways Emily’s question was whether I thought the team building part of our go karting excursions actually succeeded in building a closer team. Truthfully I don’t think so, but we sure did have fun. Please don’t let ATI know though or we might not get any more fun field trips in the future!

Now you’re famous Emily!!!


At 2:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Peak is a high point, a peek is a look at something, thanks


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