SNEG Fall Back GEO Meet 2005

An aspect of geocaching that I haven’t mentioned here is a geo-meet. I went to a geo-meet today. These things are a blast. Everyone brings some food and you meet a bunch of people who enjoy the same hobby as yourself.

To warm up I started the day by finding a couple caches and then went to the meet. This was the second meet I have ever attended and it amazes me the number of nerds per square foot at these meets. It sort of reminds me of a Star Trek convention I attended once. The nerdyness just oozes through the air at these things. Don’t get me wrong I’m not criticizing anyone by saying these things are a nerd fest. I’ve got to be one of the biggest nerds there. I’m writing this blog about it for god’s sake! Besides I think us nerds tend to have move fun than most people out there.

I’m including a few pictures from the geo meet. My favorite is of Ginger the geo puppy!


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