Weekend in Adirondack Park

I spent last weekend at Carolyn’s dad’s place. The awesome part is that he lives in the middle of Adirondack Park. Adirondack is one nice place to live. It rained all weekend so I didn’t get any real hiking done, but I still had a great time.

On Saturday we stayed inside to make homemade spaghetti sauce, fresh pasta, and a bunch of meatballs/sausage. Now this was no half hearted cooking job. I’d say by the time we were done there was about 3 gallons of sauce, 10 pounds of meat, and a heck of a lot of pasta. My most important job was cutting the pasta as it came out of the pasta machine. I must admit I performed admirably under the pressure and the pasta was cut to perfection.

We also went out to this tiny waterfall. I would like to point out that even though the puppies look like they are demonically possessed in this picture; both Triscit and Sonar are very friendly even by Golden Retriever standards.

The next day we decided that we would make a fire even though it had pored cats and dogs last night and was still sprinkling as we tried to start the fire. Much to my surprise we managed not only to get a fire started, but get a good bed of coals so that we could burn some of the truly soaked wood. While we were getting this fire going, Triscit and Sonar played around which often involved chasing each other at ridiculous speeds.

After the fire was going we took a walk back into the woods behind the house. There is an old grave yard that they showed me that seems to be forgotten back there. I found this place pretty neat. I’ve often wondered what must have happened to all the little graveyards that would have scattered the landscape a few hundred years ago. It turns out that at least one of them is hidden in this forest. Richard had asked the county if he had any responsibly towards the graveyard and was told as long as it’s over fifty years old he can do anything he wants including plowing it under if so choose. Since it’s out in the woods there is no reason to plow it under and Richard is actually in the process of cutting down a few of the overgrown trees and cleaning up the area around the graveyard. That Richard’s a nice guy.

The next major happening was some good old fashion pumpkin carving. I forgot how much fun you can have carving the pumpkins. We also baked what seemed to be a few million pumpkin seeds. Good times.


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