Purgatory Chasm

I went to Purgatory Chasm State Reservation today. It’s only about 30 minutes from my home. Some folks at work were talking about it and I said it sounds like a cool place I should check it out. Cool place indeed!

Purgatory Chasm is about a quarter mile long with granite walls rising about 70 feet high. There were a lot of families with little kids jumping from rock to rock. Seeing them do it made it look like so much fun I just had to try it. After shoving them out of my way I had a blast doing it. Ok I didn’t really push the little tigers out of my way, but it was fun. I also did some cave exploring, but since I forgot to bring a flashlight I couldn’t do too much exploring. I also grabbed a geocache in the area while I was there.

On the way out, we saw a bunch of police and medics attending a youngster that had broken his ankle. So a word to the wise while it is fun jumping around on rocks like a monkey you need to be careful.

Peace out.


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