Thanksgiving Roundup

I had a great turkey day. I spent the weekend in upstate New York in Northville with Carolyn's Dad. He lives in Adirondack Park.

We started off the extended weekend with 7 inches of snow during the early morning hours of Thursday. Snow on Thanksgiving is awesome. After going and playing outside in the new snow with Sonar and Triskit (puppies!!!), I proceeded to eat an awesome Thanksgiving meal prepared by Silvia. Mmmm...

Then Carolyn and I went out for a hike, but turned around quickly and decided to error on the side of caution when we found the forests were full of drunken deer hunters. Instead we took the puppies on a walk and then made a fire. I kept getting a little too close to the fire and my shoes would start on fire. They seem to be ok except that the glue seems that holds the soles on has stopped working. I going to try and glue them back together later.

After the fire we made some pizzas from scratch. Mine was garlic, mushroom, and onion pizza that was heavy on the sauce and light on the cheese. It was so good. I found out the trick is to have a pizza stone. If any of you make pizzas very often I recommend getting one of these stones. These pizzas had some of the best crust I've ever had, and certainly the best homemade pizza crust I've ever had.

During the weekend we went to see the movie Rent. I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed it. If you're in the mood for a musical I'd recommend it. Carolyn has seen it on Broadway and listened to the soundtrack about a bazillion times so she was singing along during a few of the songs. She wasn't the only one either; the girl behind us was also singing along.

The rest of the weekend was spent eating, playing games, watching movies, playing outside, eating, and we even managed to squeeze a little Dance Dance Revolution (see the picture with Carolyn and her mom). Did I mention eating?


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