New Year's Eve Geocaching

I did little geocaching today. It was in the 20s today so the ground is frozen, but most of the snow has melted. This made for some decent geocaching conditions, but I did get a little chilly so I quit after doing a couple of them.

One of the caches didn't give me parking coordinates so I found a place to park and walked in on a trail. Then the trail stopped because there was a good sized stream in the way. At this point I should have remembered the time when there was swamp in my way since that time I ended up swimming through a swap and destroyed a cell phone and camera in the process. However with my one track mind I didn't think about that. I only thought about getting to the cache. So I walked down stream a little ways and found a small tree that had fallen across the stream. Amazingly enough I didn't fall into the stream going either direction.
So it all worked out, but it could have turned out with me falling in and getting my phone and camera wet. I really need to remember to at least set those things on the ground if I'm going to do stupid stuff like this. And of course while I was grabbing the cache I saw if I had just parked on the other side of the park it would have been much easier.


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