Xmas Trip to Huston Texas

This trip started out a little crazy. I've been working on an important time critical project at work and our testing group found a bug in my software just a few hours before my trip. I worked feverishly trying to fix it and missed my flight. Then my boss got me a first class ticket down to Texas the next day. However I didn't get the problem fixed so I came back from Texas early and am working on it some more. The good news is I'm pretty sure I've got a fix for it now and it just needs to pass testing. Anyways let’s get on with the trip.

I've been to Texas before so when I got off the plane I shouldn't have been so surprise, but I was. Everything is bigger in Texas. Well, maybe not everything but they sure seem to try and make it that way. The whole city is sprawled out over ten times as much space as they need. Don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with rural living, but when you try to spread out your cities until they become rural then you don't have much of a city.

About when I got done discussing the issue of city sprawl with my folks on the car ride from the airport we got to my aunt's house. First I was greeted by the puppies, then my sister and her husband, then by the puppies again, then by my grandma, and then by the puppies yet again. During the two days I was there I suspect the puppies greeted me somewhere between one and two bazillion times.

It was nice getting out of the cold for a few days. The difference between the 20s and the 70s is huge. I spent about as much time as I could outside (usually walking the puppies). I wore the poor puppies out. On one of my walks with (I forgot the puppy’s real names so let’s call this one...) Biscuit we got a little lost and I had to call home to get directions back. My sense of direction isn't the greatest, but those suburbs in Texas are darn confusing so let us blame this incident on that.

Since I only spent two days in Texas I didn't get too much done (beyond tiring the puppies out of course). We did go to this sort of cool church. It was one that broadcasts it's services on the radio. They had a fairly impressive choir. But what I remember most about the service was that the preacher could sing. I never heard an old preacher with such a good voice.

On Christmas we opened presents. My favorite two gifts were a certificate to the performing arts theater in Providence, and a potato bonsai. Once I get some time I'm going to grow that potato bonsai and post some pictures for you all.

Overall the trip was a little short, but it was still a great trip.


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