The Streets of Boston

Just so there is no misunderstanding about my feelings, the streets of Boston suck! I remember reading a few articles about cities in the US with the most confusing road systems and Boston is always near the top. When I came to Boston for the first time I had to drive from the Airport to a hotel in Marlboro. It should have been one hour driver, but I got so lost trying to get out of the city it took me three hours.

Today I took Carolyn to the airport early in the morning. It should be pretty easy to get to and out of the airport. I just take I90 to 93 and then the tunnel to the airport. However Boston felt it was time to close the last few miles of I90 which made getting there difficult and getting out a nightmare. I freaking hate Boston. I90 goes from Boston to Seattle. I was on I90 out in Seattle just last week and it’s doing fine there, but in Boston they closed the sucker down. It seems like they could just close down one of the lanes instead of shutting the whole interstate down. At the very least they need to put up some detour signage to get me out of the airport. I’d be willing to wager that this part of I90 in Boston is the only section of the 3000+ mile highway that is completely shut down.

Did I mention the streets of Boston are stupid? I'm fine now, my rant is over.


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