Calling all Tax Law Experts

I’ve just about finished my 2005 taxes. In general I’m saddened over how much this country taxes me. I wouldn’t mind if the money I sent in was used in a financially responsible manor on things like social programs, education, and infrastructure. However large portions of what I contribute go towards the military and past irresponsible spending (i.e. paying down the debt). I could even stomach the past irresponsible spending part if we had learned from our mistakes, but we continue forward with record breaking yearly deficits. As for defense spending it has just been spiraling out of control. Did you know that the US spends 7 times more on defense than China and Russia combined (the second and third largest militaries in the world)? Since the US can’t continue to have the biggest economy it looks like we are determined to have a big enough stick to beat the rest of the world down. Arrg! Now that you know why I don’t like paying taxes let’s move on to the subject of this post.

Why is it that there is a credit for hybrid and electric vehicles, but nothing equivalent for people who use truly environmentally friendly vehicles to commute to work like bicycles? I bought a new bike this past year that I use exclusively for riding to work and as far as I can tell there is no credit or deduction that applies to this. I ride 11 miles to and from work about 4 times a week when the weather in nice. This equates to over 2500 miles a year that I am using a zero emission commuter vehicle that runs off of me rather than fuel or coal produced electricity. I find it ridiculous that these much less environmentally friendly vehicles offer tax credits, but my bike does not. Anyways let the world know it just isn’t fair!


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