Victory is Mine

Last weekend I told you about my friend’s cache and how I spent 8 hours looking for it only to come up empty handed. Not to be defeated I went searching again today.

This cache is what’s termed a mystery cache. That means there is some sort of mystery or puzzle that you need to solve before you can find the cache. There are all sorts of different mystery caches, but in this case the clue was the name of a reservoir and a picture. Once you find exactly where the picture was taken you are supposed to apply an offset to those coordinates to find the final cache. The problem I ran into last weekend was finding where the picture was taken from. Today I found the picture location on my second try while looking at spots I deemed likely from clues in the picture. Then I had no problems applying the offset to those coordinates to find the cache. Victory is mine! Cower before my almighty geocaching powers!


At 3:38 PM, Blogger susan said...

Hi, just out blog-surfin and the word 'cache' caught my eye. We are geocachers, also, down in Georgia. The puzzle caches are really frustrating sometimes, actually most of the time we just give up on them, BUT last weekend we actually solved one (GCTD73) and were FTF! Congrats on your find.


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