Applications Research Group

As many of my friends reading this know, I’ve been working at the ATI research division in Marlboro for about 5 years now. If you don’t know who ATI is there is a good chance that their hardware is drawing the picture to the monitor where you are reading this right now. They also make the graphics hardware for various Nintendo consoles, Microsoft’s Xbox 360, and lots of cell phones. For these last 5 years, I have been part of the OpenGL driver team. My main responsibility on this team included working on low level computer code that made ATI’s hardware more accessible to video game makers. Since my focus was performance on this software I spent time helping game developers make there games run faster on our hardware.

I’m always one to broaden my horizons and I thought that the Applications Research and Development Group would be an excellent place to do that. This group does research into future 3D algorithms and making tools to help support movements toward a better 3D future. So a few months ago I started the wheels turning and my first day in this new group was yesterday. I’ll need to give myself a few weeks to get a fair view of this new position, but so far it has been awesome.


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