Electronic Time Capsules

I did most of my growing up in the frigid state of Wisconsin. After college I moved out to the not-quite-so-frigid-but-still-pretty-frigid state of Massachusetts. My parents however remained in Wisconsin. A few years ago they decided that Wisconsin winters were a little too cold for there old (err I mean mature) bones so they started wintering in Southern Texas.

This all relates to electronic time capsules because my parents sent me an email from their computer just before they left for Texas last November; however, it didn’t get sent to me until they got back yesterday. It just sat in their send folder for a few months until they got back and logged into their home email. It was a pretty short email, but even so it brought back a flash of memories. This got me wondering if I could do something similar on purpose. I did a little searching on Google and came up with a website called www.FutureMe.org which lets me send an email to me in the future. Pretty cool.


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