Geocache 100!

I made some obvious edits to some of the pictures at the request of the cache owner.

As all my regular readers know I do a decent amount of geocaching. It’s a great sport that lets you get outside and explore new places. Since I just found my 100th cache I thought I’d give a more in depth review of this one.

I choose the Heron Hideaway multicache to be my 100th cache. It was about 10 miles from my house in a forest I didn’t even know existed before today. I think the best way to document this is with a photo story. So here we go.

Let’s call this the starting gate.

Here we have a grassy field.

This is starting to look like a desert.

Yup, I’ve somehow found a desert in Massachusetts.

Is that a forest ahead?

This is more like the Massachusetts I know.

That little stream couldn’t possible stop my quest for my 100th cache. A large jump and one we foot latter I continued onward.

Looks like a mountain range up ahead!

Now where could the first part of this multicache be?

There it is! I put these new coordinates in my GPS and continued onward.

Instead of walking across rock scree like I did to get here I used this convenient path someone put out here.

Back to the forest.

Who put a lake out here?

I must have taken a wrong turn since I’m pretty sure I should need to cross any logs to get to the final cache.

Oh well it didn’t look to hard so I crossed.

This one was a lot harder, but I made it.

Is that an (text removed) up ahead?

It looks that way to me.

Victory is mine! Number 100!!!

I avoided all the river crossings on the way out by following this convenient path that someone put here. Doh!

Back to the sandy fields.

This pheasant was not having a very good day.

Back to my car so I can go home and plan for some more geocaches another day.


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