Bonsai Potato

My sister got me a Bonsai Potato kit for Xmas. After reading the first paragraph I knew this was just the gift for me.

"Are you the type of person who longs for patience and tranquility in your life? Of course you are, but in our modern society who has the time? Now it's possible. With the items contained in this kit you can quickly and efficiently reach an inner peace that can take monks an entire lifetime to achieve."

This is just what I needed. I am one of those people who rarely puts off until tomorrow what I can do today. So why should I be putting off lifetime achievements until the end of my life? The answer is I shouldn't be. So I swiftly set into action this plan to build patience and tranquility. I must say I was quite disappointed. Not in the fact that it didn't bring me patience or tranquility. It certainly taught me those things. I'm disappointed that it took me 4 months to achieve this patience. I never knew patience could take so long.

Anyways I'm sure you're running out of patience yourself while reading this since you haven't grown your own potato bonsai yet. Perhaps you should since as that potato bonsai grows so will your patience.


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