First Aid Training and then an Emergency

A few months ago I volunteered to be my group's safety emergency contact at work. I was told I'd need to go to a safety meeting once a year and I thought that it would be some half hour long meeting. It turns out that safety meeting is a day long class put on by Red Cross, which I attended today. While I didn't expect to need to spend this much time on it, I had volunteered so I couldn't back out now. It turned out to be not that terrible, and by the end of the day I was certified in first aid, cpr, and defib. Defib was the coolest by far since I got to play with one of those defibulaters that you always see doctors shocking people with on TV. I wanted to see how much it hurt (kind of like I always want to see how much that electric fence hurts), but they had it in demonstration mode so it wouldn't shock me. Even if it wasn't in demo mode I still couldn't get a shock because the way they work now days is they only allow you to push the shock button if they detect an irregular heart beat. Where is the fun in that?

Anyways the really crazy thing is on my way home just as I was pull into my condo complex there was a car parked in the middle of the road and there was dude with a bloody face sitting on the sidewalk. It turns out he was hit by the car and the guy who hit him was in the process of calling 911. I got to practice all the questions I had just learned to make sure he wasn't in shock and that everything was ok. Luckily he was doing fine and I expect he will only need a few stitches. I left once the ambulance arrived. While this might not be the biggest coincidence I have ever experience it is certainly near the top of my list.


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