First Mosquito of the Year

I got my first mosquito bite of the year today. I went for a quick hike out in a swap and sure enough the only mosquito I saw bit me. It didn’t really bother me since one mosquito bite is nothing to me (luckily mosquito bites rarely make me itch). I can remember some days I spent out in Glacier National Park hiking in early summer. My lordy there are some viscous mosquitoes out there. The size of elk if my memory serves me correctly. And the herds of these elk sized mosquitoes would get so thick they'd start to block out the sun. That was always a good indication that it was time to hike a little faster.

I got this great picture while I was out hiking. While I was rotating it to get it straight on my computer I got confused for a little while and couldn’t figure out which way was up.


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