Greylock Mountain

I had a great weekend, even though everything didn't go exactly as planned. I went up to Greylock Mountain (tallest mountain in Massachusetts) early Saturday morning and was planning to camp out there Saturday night. When I got there I found the mountain doesn't open until May 15th which meant I couldn't camp there. Not to be discouraged I had a great time hiking up the mountain and got a few good pictures to boot. I also found I enjoy the mountain more when it's closed. You see besides the trails there is also a road up to the top of the mountain so normally the mountain is pretty busy with people driving up. When the mountain is closed the only way up is to hike and the mountain isn't nearly as crowded. I'm not exactly sure how far I hiked, but it was probably something between 15 and 20 miles. When I got back to my car in the early evening my certainly had that good kind of hurt going on.

I decided to see if I could find an open campground the nearby Monroe State forest, but those campgrounds were also closed. I got some great pictures here. I included two different shots of the same waterfall. One has a long exposure time (2 seconds) which gives the water is blurry feel. The other exposure is much shorter (1/500 second) and freezes the water's motion. Personally I like the first one a little more.

After failing at finding a campground I drove home after sunset. I had a great time and will be back once camping season starts. I'll probably also remember to check to make sure the campgrounds are open before I try to going next year (or at least use the internet to find one that is open).


At 4:30 PM, Blogger downychick said...

Great pics! I like the first waterfall one, also, but 'Reflection' in previous post is awesome.


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