A Quabbin Weekend

The weather this weekend was much better than last weekend. On Saturday morning three other geocachers and I teamed up for some serious geocaching action. Geocaching mobs make caching much easier (not to mention more fun) since the more eyes you have looking for the cache the faster you tend to find it.

Then on Saturday afternoon Eric and I went out to Quabbin Reservoir. This is the largest man made body of water used solely for drinking in the world. It provides drinking water for over half the residence of Massachusetts. To protect the water they've ringed this huge reservoir in parks and forests. There are so many trails and geocaches here I don't know if I'll ever do them all, but I'm certainly trying. I also spent most of Sunday at Quabbin.

Late Sunday afternoon a strong thunderstorm came through with 60 mph gusts and small hail. After it had passed I went out looking for downed trees to photograph. I ended up finding a downed tree that crushed a car, broke a house, and took out power to a few square miles of Worcester. When I got there were 5 police cars and a fire truck were on the scene. I just stood on the sidewalk and took some pictures.

Below are a few more pictures from the weekend.


At 8:32 AM, Blogger susan said...

great photos again! Love the one with the fern in the foreground, great perspective.


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