Superman in 3D

Yesterday my team at work went to see the new Superman movie as a "team building" experience. In my opinion it was a pretty average movie, but it did have some great visuals. We went to see it an an Imax theater. Before I went I found out that parts of the movie were going to be in 3D. Upon hearing this I wondered how they were going to accomplish this, and thought it was going to turn out to be gimmicky. I imagine only part of the movie was shown in 3D because converting it to 3d is a new post processing effect and I can see this being very computationally expensive. After seeing the movie I was very impressed with the visual quality of the 3D portions. They signaled us to put on the 3d glasses by briefly flashing a red or green pair of glasses in the right corner of the screen before turning 3D on or off. Most 3D Imax films I've seen are done in a manner where they seem to be trying to poke your eye out. Superman used the 3D effect in more subtle ways that I really appreciated. I liked it enough so that if any movies I plan on seeing in the theater are also offering a 3D version at Imax I'd probably pay the extra $3 for the 3d Imax version.


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