Tree Carvings

While this weekend was supposed to be a washout I managed to do a good job at dodging the raindrops. On Saturday I headed into Boston for a day at the Aquarium.

Then today I went out to do the mother of all geocaches. It was a six stage behemoth. After hours of searching and about 5 miles of hiking I got stumped at waypoint number 4. Waypoint 4 is where I saw these faces carved into the sides of living trees. There were 4 different faces in the area. So while I didn't finish the cache I still call it a win because I found this cool place. In my opinion the best part about geocaching is when you find these little secrets hidden in an out of the way place. Without geocaching there is no way I would have found these wooden faces that were miles from any roads and about 500 feet off the nearest trail. Geocaching rocks!


At 5:49 PM, Blogger Amelia said...

Blog surfing and ran across your article on geocaching. My husband and I love the sport/hobby and share your opinion. We are always amazed at the little out of the way places that we never knew were there. Cache On!


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