4th of July Weekend

These first 3 days of my 4 day weekend have been beautiful. The weather has been perfect. Yesterday it was so nice I spent a little too long outside. It got dark on me when I was out geocaching and I got a little lost in the woods. Luckily even when it's dark you can't get very lost when you have a GPS.

I've been taking a lot of picture. About half of them have been with a film camera which makes it more difficult to show you folks. You're probably wondering what in tar nations I'm doing with film?!? I've recently started a photography course and I couldn't find any good ones except for one that was a black and white film based course. I've only been to two classes so far and the first one was all theory. The second class was a mix of theory and film developing. It felt awfully cool to develop some film that I took. On Thursday I will make some prints from this developed film. I'm pretty excited. A lot of the course deals with things that are the same with digital and film photography such as composition and exposure. However right now I'm looking forward most to the physical process of making pictures which will not carry over to digital photography. Its funny how I went in expecting to like to like one portion of the course more and it turns out I like the exact opposite part the most.

Tonight I plan on going to see the fireworks in Worcester (second biggest city in New England after Boston). I'm in the process of planning "Operation Cherry Bomb" which will hopefully get me in and out of the city without too much haste. I'm not sure if I'll be going to the fireworks in Boston this year. Last year I went and there were many hundreds of thousands of people all trying to find a spot to watch and then trying to get out of the city was a nightmare. I'll probably only go into Boston if I don't get enough fireworks in Worcester tonight.

Hope you're all having a great 4th of July weekend!


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