Operation Cherry Bomb

After studying some maps of the area were the fireworks were being lit off in Worcester, I devised a strategy for getting into and out of the fireworks in Worcester without getting stuck in traffic. On the surface my plan was pretty simple. From my geocaching adventures I happen to know about a secret parking lot off of Seabury Road. I knew most people would be parking along Shrewsbury Street so I thought I might avoid the traffic this way. I also knew that all the land between my secret parking spot and where I wanted to watch the fireworks was public park land so I figured that it should be a piece of cake.

I got there and I found my secret parking was pretty secret since I was the first car there. My GPS said it was only 1000 feet from my car to my chosen fireworks watching location. It started out easy, but I soon ran into an inconvenient cliff. Actually it wasn't a cliff. A cliff would have been simpler since that would have forced me to be reasonable and take the streets. Instead it was just a really steep slope that whose purpose seemed to be to challenge me. I accepted the challenge and stumbled down this slope. It actually wasn't as bad as it could have been and a few minutes later I had arrived at my destination.

I hung out and as it got dark while I listened to the Massachusetts Orchestra. Then at 9:30 the fireworks began it was a great light show and to my surprise the Orchestra kept playing during the fireworks. I've never had music and fireworks and the same time, but I must admit they work well together.

After a great show I headed back up the cliff. It was a little more difficult in the dark, but I managed up it pretty quickly. I got stuck in the traffic for a few minutes, but nothing nearly as bad as I would have had if I had parked in the normal spots. It all worked out pretty well. I'd call it a success.


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