Plymouth Rock

I went to Plymouth Rock this weekend. I had a tip from a workmate that it was a pretty lame stop, but I was passing through on my way to a beach in Cape Cod so I thought I'd stop. While it was a quick stop I found it to be a lot of fun. While the rock itself is boring the history behind the rock is pretty funny.

The short version is that when the pilgrims first landed in 1620 nobody thought the rock was important. Then in the 1700's a minister started to use the rock as a symbol. From there the rock grew in popularity and in the 1800's they tried to move the rock and accidentally broke it in half. Eventually the rock was put back in its original location and glued back together. Today Plymouth Rock is only about a third of the size it was back in 1620 because so many people chipped off chucks as souvenirs. Because of that it is fenced off from the public, but you can still look at it. A more complete version of the story is here.


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