I'm part of a slow pitch softball team made up of mostly people from work. Our team is pretty mediocre, but we have fun whether we win or lose. There are few overly competitive souls on the team that get frustrated when we start loosing, but there are enough of use out there who just want to have fun that we do have fun even when we loose. Last week Friday we had a double header. Our first game we lost by something like 5-40. Ouch! It was all over after the first inning and most of use had a great time loosing. There are a lot of opportunities for joking when you're down by over 20. The second game we won 12-7. As you can see there tend to be a lot of runs. I tend to be pretty good at getting a lot of singles and doubles. I mostly just swing lightly and try to hit it on the ground then run to first base as fast as I can. It seems to be working since I just took the lead in the batting average race with a mean 793. That's not a typo; the person I just passed now has only a “lowly” 775 batting average :-) If only we could have that kind of batting average with fast pitch, I think we might be major league material.


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