Summer Picnic

This past Saturday was the annual ATI summer picnic. I had a blast. It was a day full of mini golf, bumper boats, food, pitch and putt, and more food. Some might claim that the weather wasn't all that great due to the down pores we had during the afternoon, but a little rain never bothered me. I think it just cleared the people who didn't want to get wet off the rides and made more room for me :-) They had one of those big air filled bouncy rooms for the kids that was empty because of the rain so I claimed it as my castle. Let me tell you that the rain makes those things super slippery. It had this big slide and I was able to get enough speed due to the rain to go flying out of the side and skid to a halt out on the grass. I wish I had some pictures, but I left my camera in the car. I don't mind the rain, but my camera gets sad when it is wet.


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