Fall Colors

This weekend started out fun and then it went all crazy on me.

I started the weekend with picking up a motorcycle. It's freaking awesome. Now I just need register it and get insurance. Then I'll be good to go. Sadly winter is just around the corner.

Then things started getting weird. I was out hiking in a state forest and on my way back to my car I came across some folks playing paintball. I'm all for a good game of paintball as long as it's done in an environmentally responsible way. Putting up a bunch of forts in a state forest and spraying the trees with paint is not my idea of environmentally responsible. When I mentioned this to them they responded in a not so polite manner. Not wanting to get in an argument with 10 tough looking men I just continued back to my car. There I called 411 and talked with the police. I explained that some people were playing paintball in the state forest to the officer receiving the call. I couldn't believe my ears when he asked ME, "Are you sure that's illegal?” After a few seconds of stunned science (why was he asking me the law, and what kind of smoke was he smoking to think painball on public land might be ok), I told him that I'm pretty sure it's illegal. My first point was that it's polluting the forest, and secondly it's a potential danger to hikers since most hikers aren't wearing proper eye protection. To this he said that he'd need to ask his supervisor to see if playing paintball is illegally and if it was then they'd send someone out to check up on it. I couldn't believe my ears at this point and mumbled some sort of thanks for looking into it and hung up. I have no idea if they ever sent anyone out, but I sort of doubt it. It blows my mind how stupid police can be sometimes. Discounting the pollution for now, there is absolutely no way the state wants to be held liable for someone getting hurt while playing paintball on their land, but this officer for some reason though playing paintball on state land sounded reasonable. Maybe it was his buddies or something...

Believe it or not, things got even weirder this morning. I'm still trying to decide whether to write about these experiences here or not, and if I do I'll need to come up with a spin for it. Anyways for now, let's just say this morning was pretty crazy.

Hope everyone out there has been having a great fall. The colors are starting to come out around here!


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