My New Smart Phone

For the last few months at work, I've been working on a programming project dealing with 3d graphics on cell phones. Then last week Nokia sent me a sweet camcorder/camera/mini-computer that also happens to make phone calls. All this while still fitting in my pocket! I felt obligated to use stop using my old cell phone and start using this new whiz-bang phone. I had Verizon as a provider and was never all that happy with their service plus this new whiz-bang Nokia phone doesn't work on Verizon's network. So I went to Cingular and asked them to set me up.

The first thing that happened at Cingular was that the salesman started drooling all over my phone. I guess this phone hasn't been released in the United States yet so it was the first one he'd seen. After the drooling phase, he insisted that instead of just porting my old number to Cingular that I allow him to find me a "good" number. I was just going to have my old number ported, but he seemed so eager to find me a cool number that I just had to let him try. The man was way too excited about going through the numbers. After about 10 minutes of searching he finally found a "good" one. I must admit that it's much easier to remember this new number than my old number, but I still need to send this new number to all my friends/family. Because of that part of me regrets getting the new number, but I guess it was worth it. I got to make the salesman happy, and now I have a new story to tell when I'm meeting people. I'll send my new number to all my friends and family right after posting this. If you think you should have gotten my number and didn't, let me know.


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