Local vs National Update

After getting a few emails about my last post I thought a clarification was in order.

If you read my blog posting closely you'll see it says "government should take the lead on climate change initiatives". I probably should have emphasized "initiatives" more. I believe that local governments are more agile and you can make more difference in local policies. Taking the initiative and where I want the final version of a law are two different things. We should try to change local feelings and laws about the environment and when others see an example of how it can work they'll follow it. I really believe most people want more environmentally friendly laws, but big business convinces them it will cost too much $$$. Once people realize the benefits outweigh the costs the laws will happen.

For example you can go in front of the Whitehouse everyday and yell at the top of your lungs that Bush should pass more environmentally friendly laws, and it won't do any good. It would be much more productive to take on issues at a local level and prove the theories. I see this as leading by example and it is an effective means of persuasion. Of course if you want to try and tackle environmental issues at the national level I won't say it's a bad idea. Go for it! What matters is getting a cleaner environment and not how we get there.


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