Miscellaneous Weekend

I did a little hiking this weekend (when it wasn't raining). While hiking I took a lot of pictures with my film camera, but I did manage to click this one in digital of the seeds of a milk weed.

I also visited a Grist Mill. Grist Mill is a functional mill that uses a water wheel to turn a grinding stone that crushes the wheat into flour. You can even buy the flour they make. Pretty cool.

I've been continuing my quest to become the greatest ice skater ever. Ok, I mostly just want to get decent at this point. I'm pretty good as long as I'm pointed forwards, but I still need some work on the backwards. Learning to skate was supposed to be the first step in getting into hockey, but I'm having so much fun learning to skate I'm thinking about getting into figure skating instead. Not quite as manly as hockey, but watching all these people at the rink doing their fancy figure skating jumps is darn impressive. I still haven't figured out exactly where I want to go with this yet so I'll update you once I decide. Currently I'm still getting the basics down.


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