National Elections 2006

The national elections are tomorrow. The choices I have in my area are pathetic. In almost a third of the races I will have a choice between democrats and write-ins. Gee, thanks for the choice America. In another race I have the choice between a democrat and a DCG. In the other races I have the choice between moderate democrats and moderate republicans who all choose to ignore the tough issues facing America. I've decided that I'll go and vote write-ins for everything except where there is a third party option. I don't necessarily agree with the third parties, but it's faster to check a box than write in a name. Massachusetts state law only gives me five minutes to vote and the principle of not voting for unchallenged incumbents is more important to me than possibly running out of time while doing all write-ins. If anyone wants their name written in on my ballet let me know.

I don't think I'm throwing my votes away. Even if you think that, the fact of the matter is that odds that my one vote makes a difference is statically insignificant. If lots of people "throw away" their votes eventually a significant 3rd and then 4th parties might evolve that give Americans a real choice. This is much more important to me than voting against my conscious for some candidate I don't believe in. Considering my pathetic choices, what I really want to do is post a vote for nobody and have my voice unrepresented. Then I would not be misrepresented. However it seems law forbids voting for "nobody" on the ballet even as a write-in. Maybe what America needs is a candidate who's only promise if elected is to do absolutely nothing. That would be a candidate I could vote for.


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