Nintendo Wii

I can remember way back in the mid 80's when I got my first Nintendo game console. It's a big reason I have the job I do today. Of course most kids, who play video games don't end up in the video game business when they're grown up. Video games for me as a kid supplemented the time I spent outside playing with my friends. I mention that because a pet peeve of mine is that today it seems some kids only play video games and don't do other physical or more social actives. I believe that video games in moderation are fine, but like most things when taken to extremes there are problems.

I haven't played very many video games in the past few years. I think it was partly because I had become a little bored with the games being offered. Once in awhile I would find a game I liked and would play it, but buy in large nothing seemed too interesting to me. That was until I got the Nintendo Wii this past weekend.

The Wii is a relatively cheap console. I say relatively because it costs $250 instead of $500-$600 for Sony's new Playstation. It does have an AMD chip in it for graphics which is always good :-) But the most important feature of this console is the new controller. The controller looks like a TV remote, but it is a lot more than just a remote. It accurately detects motion and where you point it so for example you can use it as a paintbrush/pointer on the screen, as a steering wheel, as a golf club, as a baseball bat, or even as a bowling ball (just don't let go of it when you would a bowling ball). The Wii comes with a game that lets you play a bunch of different sports and I was amazed at how much fun these games are when playing them on a Wii.

The Wii also has more traditional games like the elves fighting ogres type games, but again the controller makes the games more fun. Instead of just pushing a button to swing a sword you need to slash with the controller.

While I wouldn't say that using the Wii is a great workout it involves more activity than the old "push a button" game consoles used. I would say that I use about the same amount of energy while playing one of the sport games as I would taking a casually paced walk.

Anyways, I just thought I'd share my Wii experience with you all. Signing out.


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