Thanksgiving in Wisconsin

I spent a wonderful extended weekend with my family and friends back where I grew up in Wisconsin. The actual turkey day was spent with my little sister, her husband, and my folks. A great meal was had after which we burned off some of the calories while doing a little geocaching.

Most of the rest of my time hanging was spent out with friends and working on the Edwardson Christmas Tree farm. I've worked a weekend for the past seven or eight years on the tree farm. They used to pay me when I was a poor college student, but now I just volunteer my time. I think it's probably my favorite job of all time. If I did it more than a single weekend per year I might get tired of it, but just doing it once in awhile is perfect. I thing the combination of physical labor and happy customers make it great. I spend most of my time there hauling Christmas trees around for people, shaking them out, baling them, and talking with the customers. It's a fairly large tree farm (80 acres), and most people cut their own trees. Its a great experience for the families and if you have the option to cut your own tree this year I'd recommend it since almost every family I talk to tell me how much fun they have cutting down their own tree.

I'm still at my parents so I can't upload any of the pictures right now, but I'll upload some later this week.

Hope everyone else out there had a great weekend!


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