America: Freedom to Fascism

I just got done watching America: Freedom to Fascism. It started out condemning the federal income tax and brings to light some very interesting facts. Things like there are no laws that give the federal government the authority to tax your wages (i.e. personal income tax). It shows some court cases where people were found innocent by juries because no one could show the jury a law that the person who didn't file taxes was breaking. I certainly don't agree with a lot this movie said, but it did have some interesting information. Personally I have nothing against paying an income tax; however, I am against how the government spends my money which is also discussed in the movie.

From here the movie really goes off the deep end into conspiracy theory overdrive. Not to say that it doesn't have good points throughout, but it really seems that they try to find fault with everything the government does, and because of this it looses some credibility in my opinion. Still I'd recommend seeing it since it does bring up a lot of good points, and some of these points will certainly be new to you as they were to me.



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