Making Video Games and Skating

The weather has been pretty crazy around here in New England recently. For awhile it was in the 60s when it should have been in the 20s. Now it's dropped down to the 30s. The 30s would be a fine temperature for the outdoors except for all the rain we're getting.

So I reckon you're all wondering what I do when I'm stuck indoors. A lot of my indoor time has been spent making a video game. I have no grand illusions of the game I'm working on ever being finished. I'm more or less just practicing at making a game. It's kind of like those brain teaser books that some people enjoy. Only instead of doing crossword puzzles or mazes I write the logic for a game. I find it enjoyable.

In other news I've been moving forward with my figure skating. I'm working on Waltz jumps and have just passed my Delta test. This upcoming Friday I'm supposed to do my Delta musical program. If I pass that I'll officially be at the Delta level. Delta is the last level of the preliminary skating ranks. Up through Delta everyone in figure skating learns the same fundamentals. After Delta testing breaks up into different tracts depending on the type of skating you want to do (freestyle, couple, dance, ...). The next rank I'll get is Freestyle 1. I'm going with freestyle because that's were the big jumps are!


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